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Academic Journals



Female Labour, Status and Decision Power

with V. Gille (Univ. Paris Dauphine) and F. Maniquet (Univ. Catholique Louvain)

Vol. 90 (358) pp453-476 [link]


Journal of International Development

Climbing the Economic Ladder: The Role of Microfinance Institutions in Promoting Entrepreneurship in Pakistan 

with F. Fareed (IMF) and J. Lochard (Univ. Paris Est Créteil Erudite)

1– 20. [link]


Global Business Review

Estimating Skill Mismatch in the Indian Labour Market: a Regional Dimension

with S. Gooptu (Jadavpur Univ.) and S. Roy Chowdhury (International Management Institute Kolkatta) [link]


Journal of African Economies


Journal of Comparative Economics


Journal of Development Studies


European Journal of Development Research


Revue d'économie du développement

Land Tenure Insecurity as Investment Incentive: The Case of Migrant Cocoa Farmers and Settlers in Ivory Coast

with A. Desdoigts (Univ. Paris 1) and H. Kouadio (ENSEA Abidjan)

Vol. 28 (2) pp147-175 [link]

Untouchability, Homicides and Water Access

with M. Couttenier (U. Lausanne)

Vol. 43 (3) pp 549-555 [link]

Confidence in Public Bodies and Electoral Participation in India

with V.K. Borooah (Univ. Ulster)

Vol. 25 pp 555-583 [link]

The Burden of Caste on Social Identity in India

Vol. 50 (10) pp 1411-1429 [link]

Impact de la fragmentation sociale sur la production de biens publics: polarisation et patronage en Uttar Pradesh et au Bihar

Vol. 24 (3) pp49-78 [link]

Book Chapters


Eds. N.V. Varghese & M. Khare


Education, Skills mismatch and Wage Differentials 

with S.R. Chowdhury (IMI Kolkatta) & S. Gooptu

in India Higher Education Report 2020: Employment and Employability of Higher Education Graduates in India [link]


Eds. R. Bhattacharyya, A. Ghosh Dastidar & S. Sikdar


Riding the Wave or Going Under? The Covid-19 Pandemic and Trust in Governments

In The Covid-19 Pandemic, India and the World; Economic and Social Policy Perspectives [link]

Technical Reports


Institut Français des Relations Internationales

75 millions de nouveaux pauvres en Inde: le modèle de développement indien à l'épreuve du Covid-19

Asie Visions n°121, juin 2021 [link]

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