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Work in Progress

Female Labor, Status and Decision Power

This joint work with Véronique Gille (IRD Paris Dauphine) and François Maniquet (CORE, Univ. Louvain La Neuve) investigates the relationship between female labor supply and decision
power, which we define as the say women have in major household decisions.


Does Hukou Reform Reduce the Hukou-based
Perceived Discrimination ?

This joint project with Julie Lochard (Erudite, UPEC) and Yang Yang (Erudite Univ. Gustave Eiffel) investigates the effect of the 2014 Hukou reform on perceived discrimination by Chinese internal migrants.


Access to Microfinance and the Economic Ladder : Empirical Evidence from Pakistan

This paper is joint with Fozan Fareed (IMF) and Julie Lochard (Erudite, UPEC). It investigates the relationship between financial inclusion and the propensity to engage in business and exit poverty.


Lab in the Field - Northern India

In 2018, Chloé Leclère and I conducted a survey in a rural district of Uttar Pradesh (Northern India) and an experiment on social identity.

We measure the effect of caste salience on social trust, believes and locus of control.


Women Leaders and Trade War


This is a joint work with Neha Bhardwaj Upadhayay (Erudite, UPEC) and Julie Lochard (Erudite, UPEC). This paper investigates the propensity of women heads of state to engage in trade wars.


Functionings deprivation and Covid 19

This is a joint project with Vani K. Borooah (Univ. of Ulster) that assess the effect of Covid on poverty in India. We argue that pre pandemic general functioning deprivation is responsible for an unprecedented setback in poverty reduction.

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