Technology to Support Teaching and Learning

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Teachers in today's classrooms must be able to use technology to support and enhance their teaching and student's learning.  They must be able to plan lessons that utilize technology and they must design learning experiences where children use technology to construct learning.  ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, has developed a set of technology standards -- competencies that all teachers should have.  Throughout this portfolio are examples of how I have used technology.  On this page are some specific examples of how I meet the technology standards for new teachers.  

Click here to go to the ISTE home page that more fully describes the standards.

 ISTE Standards  Artifacts and Evidence
 Identify the benefits of technology to maximize student learning and facilitate higher order thinking skills.   
 Use electronic resources to design and implement learning activities.   
Identify technology resources available in schools and analyze how accessibility to those resources affects planning for instruction.   
Identify, select, and use hardware and software technology resources specially designed for use by PK-12 students to meet specific teaching and learning objectives.    
Plan for the management of electronic instructional resources within a lesson design by identifying potential problems and planning for solutions.   
Identify specific technology applications and resources that maximize student learning, address learner needs, and affirm diversity.    
Design and teach technology- enriched learning activities that connect content standards with student technology standards and meet the diverse needs of students.  

Design and teach a lesson that meets content area standards and reflects the current best practices in teaching and learning with technology.


Plan and teach student-centered learning activities and lessons in which students apply technology tools and resources. 

Research and evaluate the accuracy, relevance, appropriateness, comprehensiveness, and bias of electronic information resources to be used by students.   
Identify and engage in technology- based opportunities for professional education and lifelong learning, including the use of distance education.   
Participate in online professional collaborations with peers and experts.   
Identify and use assistive technologies to meet the special physical needs of students.  
Use technology productivity tools to complete required professional tasks.