My work revolves around  the implications of social identity in economics and most particularly castes in India.

A list of publications and works under review can be found here

Although my work is centered on India, as the institution of castes provides a rich framework for the analysis of social identity, the questions addressed, such as discrimination, segregation and the impact of social norms go beyond the specific Indian context

More specifically my research interests are:

  • Inequality and discrimination

    • How internalized self-image play a role in discrimination

    • Stereotype threat

    • Efficiency of affirmative action policies

  • Social fragmentation

    • Effect on collective action and public good provision

    • Its relationship with conflicts  

    • The role of social norms in public goods access and provision


  • Social networks

    • Diffusion of technology

    • Management of public goods

    • Segregation formation


  • Social capital

    • Effect on confidence in public bodies and voting behavior